LIVE Scrivener 3 Masterclass ENCORE!
"How To Use The Top 12 New Features of Scrivener 3 To Accelerate Your Writing Career In Less Than 1 Hour"
*LIVE Encore Presentation*
Friday, February 16th
 Presented By: 
 Scrivener Coach, Joseph Michael

"I love Joseph's training styleI highly recommend his Scrivener training...

~ Michael Hyatt
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, & USA Today bestseller

"I was new to Scrivener & seeing what was possible with Scrivener just opened up the door to so many possibilities.”

~ K.M Weiland - 
Award-Winning & Best Selling Author 

"I wanted to get up to speed with Scrivener NOW, & Joseph delivered. You’re never farther away from a new skill than a couple of minutes. It’s brilliant”

~ Joel Friedlander - 

"Joseph is my go to guy for quickly learning Scrivener. His Scrivener training has helped me to be more effective with my writing and has helped me cut through the clutter so that I can focus on what I need to be doing most…which is writing

~ Jeff Goins - 
Best-selling author - blogger - speaker
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You'll Learn Things Like...
  • How to setup Scrivener for your success...get things setup quickly, and virtually guarantee your success with using it
  • How to transfer your writing to Scrivener without losing a single word even if it’s buried in a Word doc (and just for fun I’ll show you a secret trickto seamlessly separate all your chapters)
  • How to use the new copyholder feature and feel like a true’ll be shocked how you never lose your place with just this tool
  • How nonfiction and fiction writers can utilize 3 unique viewing modes to create the ultimate writing machine (Hint: switching views is like using mace on writer’s block)
  • How to organize your characters, their world, their motivations, and their conflicts with Stephen Spielberg-like clarity (you’ll be able to see a bird’s eye view with 2 clicks of the mouse) 
  • How to customize your Scrivener to create the ‘perfect’ writing environment so you have the focus of an Olympian
  • How to use Scrivener 3's style presets so you don’t have to reinvent the wheel and can be hyper-productive every time you sit down to write
  • How to use the new bookmarks feature to refer to your links, notes, and images whenever you need to (and feel completely in control of your writing process)
  • How to customizeyour background, your corkboard, and your index cards so it matches your writing style and how you like to work (perfect for anyone who likes to do things ‘their way;)
  • How to setup a perfect writing schedule so you know exactly how many words to write each day in order to finish your work-in-progress (no more thinking or calculating - just start writing and let Scrivener do the rest)
  • How you can print, compile, share, and export your work with anyone so no one misses out on reading your work.
  • Live Q&A with Joseph about your writing and Scrivener questions.
  • And much much more!
WARNING: What you experience on this webinar will be different to most other presentations that only teach you theory. During this masterclass, you'll actually watch over Joseph's shoulder as he shares his screen and shows you exactly "how" to make Scrivener work for your own unique writing style. 

Joseph will also be answering all your questions LIVE
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